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After 3 years of research and planning, Ruby’s was launched in the summer of 2017. Creator and 25 year cosmetology veteran, LaShonda Sims, had a dream to create a product that would produce a polished and professional look for clients without the added chemicals. Fast forward years later with extensive experience in the beauty industry, Sims not only created that product, but a brand that would establish her legacy in the beauty industry and also within her family, giving them a legacy to pass down for generations to come.  


Sims, in collaboration with daughter, Amber Nicole, and cousins Felice Sherrod Thomas and Shanika Adediran of whom has created all natural homemade beauty remedies since child hood,  joined  forces to create an all natural family based beauty brand, “Ruby’s.“ Named after Sims late grandmother, Ruth Sherrod, who went by “Ruby,” the family came together in an attempt to develop a quality, all-natural beauty brand that represented love and family.

Each product is made up of homemade, natural, sulfate- free ingredients infused with essential oils and lots of love to support healthy hair and skin. Current products consist of:

  • Oils

  • Body Butter

  • Hair Mud

  • Shampoos and

  • Conditioners

  • Face and Body Scrubs

  • Soaps

Since it's launch, Ruby’s gained popularity from our #1 seller “Love Oil” acclaimed with its thickness, richness and scalp soothing sensation which promotes hair growth and provides illustrious shine in addition to treating chronic dry skin such as eczema.  Ruby’s continues to create a line of all natural, unisex beauty products for all hair types and textures that the whole family can use.



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