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Our Shea Butter Hair Mud with an all new luscious cherry scent is a hair food that acts as a hair grease, but not as dry, adding long lasting moisture to hair strands and scalp. Our base is of course, 100% Natural Shea Butter whipped, and infused with Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed, Sage, White Thyme and Rosemary Oils. Our Shea Butter Hair Mud was primarily created for deep conditioning and hair hydration once applied directly to the hair. Shea Butter Hair Mud can be used for:


-A styling cream for natural styles including braids, twists, dreads, buns, etc.


-Detangling Cream.


-Edge control to lay down and hold natural and relaxed textured hair edges.


- A hair grease alternative.


Feel free to use this product on your skin and body as well! 


Disclaimer: This is an all natural product. Please store in a cool environment to prevent melting and clumping.

Shea Butter Hair Mud

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